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How to Apply Acrylic Render

By Fabio De Azevedo

Applied with steel trowel  by building up coats the main tools you will need are:










The substrate should always be   dust free and sprayed with a mist of water to aid in adherence.

The procuct is then spreaded over the substrate  with a small pressure  on a similar way to plastering in thicknesses from 3.0mm to 4.0mm per coat. Subsequent coats can be applied to build the depth up to 10 mm *  if required. 

When it is firm start by working up the wall by  moving the straight-edge on an angle in a sawing movement. Fill in any holes screed   again and float   "Video Coming soon!"

To achieve look similar to the cement render  apply  a  fine coat of approximately  01 to 02 mm thick preferebly wet on firm wet method , and sponge finish. during this process the introduction  of excessive water should be  avoided.

"Video Coming soon!"

The process above is the basic standard for application for any brand you might  develop your own technique.

*Depending on the brand

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